RACTIVE ROPPONGI is a web site established in July 2003 by the Roppongi Shopping Street Association, to post information on the fashionable town, Roppongi, a place that gives birth to new fads and mingles with different cultures.

The origin of the title "Ractive" comes from the constantly changing fads and culture that create the energetic and fascinating image of Roppongi and from the basic concept of posting information through the internet "interactively" creating the title from the combination of "ACTIVE", "ATTRACTIVE" AND "INTERACTIVE".

All creative works that appears on this site (compositions, photographs, illustrations, drawings, video footage, edited work, as well as literary work generated second hand) have been copyrighted (or have been authorized). Any creative works cannot appear on this official website without the consent or permission from the Roppongi Shopping District Promotion or the person or group holding the rights to the copyright or authorization of the works.

Management: Roppongi Shopping Street Association
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TEL: 03-6447-2540
For inquiries, contact us using the email address below:
(Ractive Roppongi Office) email address: info@ractive-roppongi.com