We are proud to announce that Roppongi has a new logo, designed by art director Kaoru Kasai

An art director who has worked on advertisement production for clients such as Suntory Oolong tea and United Arrows.Received several awards such as the ADC Grand Prix, the Mainichi Design Award, the Kodansha Publisher's Culture Award, and the Book Design Award.

Art and design that warms people's hearts
Superb art and design brings warmth to people's lives.
It's like the feeling you have when you take a walk along a tree-lined street under a serene blue sky.
It represents Roppongi's name, an image of a tree-lined street.
To show growth of the town,
vertical lines pointing up towards the sky symbolize young trees using a grass green color.
The shape of the Logo represents the possibility for growth and vitality of our new town.
The image of the Roppongi brand along with the cultural image such as art and design expresses the versatility and the originality of the town and shows its depth.